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Emilys hours 2019

23.5 owed from previous weeks + 6.5 owed for last week, total of 29 hours owed. 

$268 owed for plants/materials, receipts sent July 25th, 2019. 

6.5 hours owed. $141.39 plants and materials - $100 given: $41.39 owed for plants materials

July 8th: 2.5 hours: picked SG patio roadside section, laid pink stone dust, 2 buckets of pink stone dust ($9), DS, DG, watered, getting DG at Hammond $10.54DS at Feed and Seed $34.95

July 10th: 2 hour: Surry Gardens water lilies $77.90, gas, weeded, deadheaded. 

July 16th: 1 hour Wheats: applying pink stone dust to entry walkway, deadheading.

July 20th: 30 min. Wheats: watering, weeding, deadheading. 

July 22nd: 30 min. Wheats: 2 buckets pink SD ($9),  laying SG patio stone dust, needs a bit more. 

18 hours, $40.41 owed for plants. 

July 1st: 2 hours Wheats: weeded front daylilies, 9 3/12" perennials (arabis $31.41 total @$3.49 each)  2 3/4 buckets of stone dust ($9)

July 2nd: 8 hours Julia

July 3rd: 2.5 hours Wheats: planting, weeding top steps, DS, weeding, hydrangea bugs. 

July 4th: 2 hours 50 min Wheats: DS, planted white alyssum, weeded, watered. 

July 5th: 2.5 hours Surry and planting begonias (paid) in entry, weeding, gas

July 6th: 20 min. watering newly planted. 

19.5 hours $111.40 owed for plants/materials. 

June 28th: 5.5 hours Wheats: planted kitchen area and two front potteds and two entry small potteds, planted right side of alyssum by Hinoki, weeding. Pro Mix $31.00,  Peat ($11.00)  and Quoddy ($9.99).

June 27th: 3 hours Wheats: planted kitchen area and left shady area, planted area to SG entrance with alyssum. 

June 26th: 2.5 hours plant shopping/travel. Check IGT: $252.18

June 25th: 6 hours Wheats: planted alyssum in front entry garden, hydrangea bugs, ferns along road cleanup, 12 marigolds ($6.00), 1 Quoddy ($9.99), 18 Iris @ $3.49 each, $64.00, meadow rue 9@$3.49 each $31.41), 

June 24th: 2.5 hours Wheats: moved pond lily to shade added water, weeded edges of silver plant in SG, lawn weed.

27 hours, 13 claimed, 14 owed. $76.62 plants/materials owed. 

June 22nd: 1.5 hours Wheats: plant shopping/travel. 16 lavender alyssum 6-packs, 2 white alyssum 6-packs ($64.62 @ $3.59 each - paid)3 nasturtium Chuck Webers @$3.00 each, $9 paid), 2 lobelia ($7.50), Iris 18@ $3.59 each total $64.62

June 20th: 5 hours: Quoddy added x 2, weeded, planted beside windows, weeded, picked out front left walkway, pink stone dust 1 3/4 bucket ($4.50) 

June 19th: Edwards: 3 hours weeded. 

June 18th: 8 hours Wheats, driveway weeded, edge of driveway cleanup in worst areas, hydrangea bugs, front garden detail weeded. 

June 17th: 2 hours Wheats: clipped hydrangeas, ferns along roadside, weeded, guest area start. 

June 15th: 3.5 hours Wheats: Deer spray, Deer granules. 

June 13th: 4 hours Wheats: amended soil in kitchen garden, pruned, added one peat. 

22.5 hours, 13 claimed, 9 owed. 

June 11th: 5 hours Wheats: pickup of compost, planted. 

June 9th: 6 hours Wheats: Weeded, pruned dead, seeded grass. 

June 5th: 3 hours Wheats: daylily bed weeded, lawn weeded, clipped back growth in walkways. 

June 3rd: 2 hours Wheats: 

June 1st: 6.5 hours Wheats: Deer spray, Deer granules, weeded. 

11.5 hours

May 30th: 4.5 hours Wheats: left side entry walkway pick out/clean up, began horsetail weeding, fixed some plants that had been covered with soil, weeded, cleaned up/reweeded  entry to SG, began weeding of cerastrium in SG.

May 27th: 7 hours Wheats (did not charge for unrelated talk time, just couldn't but thank you!:) Wheats: weeded cerastrium (sp?) and lambs ear bar side, daylilies, pruned and debugged hydrangeas near entry of house, weeded blueberries, lawn edgings, transplanted a few babies too fill holes, sluggo-ed cerastrium, plant list. 

12 hours

May 26th: 6 hours Wheats:  weeded, planted sedum clippings near kitchen window to fill holes, weeded SG, pruned back walkways, weeded lavender in old birch spot. 

May 23rd: 1.5 hours Wheats:

May 20th: 2 hours: Weeded blueberries, driveway, daylilies. 

May 21st: 2.5 hours: patched areas of lawn in SG, weeded SG patio, deer spray. 

10 hours

May 20th: 2 hours 20 min: began daylily buttercup removal left side, kitchen garden tidy, baby green sedum planted in one bed. 

May 19th: 3 hours: blueberry weeding, daylilies crab grass right side, edging of lawn and gardens weeding, weeding. 

May 18th: 2 hours 40 min., deer spray (my own - we need some! And the granules for hostas)

May 13th: 2 hours blueberry weeding, lawn weeding. 

15 hours

May 7th: 6 hours: raking with intent to thatch some of SG lawn, cleanup of lawn edges, adding compost to some areas, guest quarters first run-through, edging of worst portion of driveway, blueberry weeding. 

May 6th: 9 hours: lilies in pond, deer granules, deer spray, moving some plants, kitchen garden weeding/tidy, driveway weeding, cut flowers to encourage regrowth of bacopa(?) under Golden Chain Tree.

8.5 hours

May 1st: 2 hours: weeding daylilies right side, weeding bar garden, lawn weeding as I go, general cleanup as I go. 

May 2nd: 2 hours: mulch on daylilies in front, cleanup of roadside area. daylily cleanup seaside, weeding. 

April 30th: 4.5 hours: along driveway moss area cleanup, garage entry removal of debris, general tidy, crab grass weeding, . 

10 hours

April 26th: 6.5 hours: general tidy, leaf and debris removal along driveway, near house, weeding front garden, entry shrub area cleanup, daylily bed cleanup, kitchen garden quick sweep, weeding SG. 

April 25th: 3.5 hours: raking along road, fern cleanup, began mulching, deer spray, deer granules, guest quarters bed cleanup, daylily weeding. 

April 18th: 2.5 hours: edge of driveway cleanup, branch removal, some detail cleaning of entryway. 

April 17th: 7.5 hours: Front entry cleanup, roadside and garage driveway cleanup, deer stakes placed (need 2x more), weeded driveway good time to do!, general tidy, lambs ear, weeded daylilies. 

List of things needed: sand, mulch, irrigation staples, deer spray, daylilies?, grass seed (Salisbury mix), pro grow or fertilizer, plastic edging.

Checked: site is online. 


April 2nd: 3 hours: Front entry cleanup, weeding, raking in matted areas SG. 

April 5th: 6 hours: General weeding, SG patio rock cleanup, SG Irish moss weeding, apple tree clippings nearest house, front right daylily cleanup, driveway weeding, hiding irrigation. 



March 26th: 2.5 hours: daylily cleanup right side, some leaf cleanup near door. 

March 27th: 6 hours: daylily cleanup, lambs ear cleanup, kitchen garden area cleanup, climbing hydrangea prune of old flowers.




Emilys Hours worked 2018

Jan 9th, 2019:

____1 hour website: front page images and font changes, speed of slideshow adjusted, changed footer color and font, edited Services page (removed Shoreland, saved info on other site), added "Stonework" section, linked "learn more" buttons on homepage slideshow.

To do: please check around for anything new that needs to be adjusted, anything else needing content redo, etc., and also speed of the slideshow on the home page? Oooo, and please upload more photos! 

____4 hours

December 30th: 4 hours Wheats: pruning large hydrangea flowers, cut back of lavender, Russian Sage, Catmint, waterside general clean-up.

11.5 hours

Dec 1st: 4.5 hours Wheats: mulching hydrangeas, some of daylilies, weeding near house, front garden cleanup, bar garden cut back/clean up. 

Nov 29th: 6 hours Wheats: front daylily cleanup, removal of crab grass along walk edge, secret garden rake, some lawn raking in most dense spots, near house cut-back/clean up, weeding. 

Nov 25th: 1 hour Wheats: covering of lamps with tarps, weeding. 

___6 hours 

Nov 4th: 6 hours Wheats: Secret Garden clean up, random weeding.

___5 hours

Oct 28th: 2 hours Wheats: Secret Garden cleanup, weeding by kitchen, weeding lawn. 

Oct 27th: 3 hours Wheats: SG cleanup, daylilies. 

___14.5 hours 

Oct 19th: 6.5 hours redo of geranium area, added peat, cut back of some kitchen plants, weeded some lawn. 

Oct 18th: 1 hour Edwards final weeding (some spots remain with fine grass that wasn't pulling easily). 

Oct 17th: 3 hours Wheats: pruning ferns along road, cleanup, weeding by kitchen. 

Oct 16th: 4 hours Edwards: weeded back area of blueberries, by walkways, under bridge. 

____ 8.5 

Oct 14th: 4.5 hours Wheats: Hydrangeas pruned back, ferns/SG trimmed/weeded, upper lawn weeded of biggest dandelions.

Oct 10th: 2 hours Wheats: kitchen weeding, lawn, front. 

Oct 9th: 2 hours: Wheats: weeding kitchen area and daylilies. 


Oct 6th: 5 hours: Kitchen garden weeding, deadheading, removal, bar window garden cleared, SG back cleared. 

Oct 5th: 1.5 hours Edwards: weeding. 

Oct 4th: 3 hours Edwards: weeding. 

October 3rd: 2.5 hours: moved pots into shed, Secret Garden weeding, big seeding weeds, ferns clipped, dead daylilies clipped.


Sept 29th: 2.5 hours Edwards: 

                    2.5 hours Wheats: 

Sept 25th: 5 hours Wheats: weeding lawn, gardens, daylily cut back, ferns cut back. 

Sept 24th: 5 hours Wheats: 


Sept 22nd: 4 hours Wheats: grass sow, deadheading, cleanup, weeding. 

Sept 20th: 1 hour Edwards

Sept 16th: 2 hours Wheats 

____11 hours paid (4.5 owed from last week)

Sept 15th: 1.5 Edwards weeded. 

Sept 14th: 5 hours Edwards weeded. 

Sept 12th: 4 hours Edwards: weeded.

____19.5 total hours (15 given, 4.5 owed). 

Sept 9th: 1 hour: watered, weeded, checked lilies. 

Sept 5th: 1 hour: watered, weeded, checked lilies. 

Sept 2nd: 2 hours: watered, weeded, sprayed lilies just in case. 

Sept 1st: 1.5 hours: watered, weeded, deadheaded. 

August 27th: 1 hour: watered, checked pond, sprayed lilies with Neem oil because there was some bug, weeded. 

August 23rd: 6 hours: weeded, scrubbed pier, deadheaded, patio, weeded lawn, general cleanup. 

August 21st: 3.5 hours: weeded entry, patio, deadheaded, weeded lawn, general cleanup. 

August 20th: 3.5 hours: weeded driveway, weeded blueberries, weeded lawn. 

____20 hours (11.5 paid, 8.5 owed)

August 19th: 8 hours: mostly secret garden, weeded driveway, ferns along fence along drive, weeded entry garden, removed useless hydrangeas.

August 18th: 30 minutes checking lilies/flipping leaves. 

August 17th: 4 hours: got water liles, got stone, put water lilies in, trimmed, weeded SG. 

August 14th: 6 hours: weeded by house, weeded, deadheaded, pruned out dead. 

August 13th: 1.5 hours: weeded driveway, weeded. 

____6.5 hours (-1 owed), 5.5 hours total. 

August 12th: 2 hours: weeding right side daylilies, Hinoki Alysum, top six steps, round turn. 

August 11th: 1.5 hours: watering patio planters, deadheading, weeding. 

August 10th: 2 hours: trimmed ferns along road, weeded gardeners gate and raked, weeded driveway entry, weeded. 

August 8th: 1 hour: watered, weeded. 

____3.5 hours (1 hour owed)

August 5th: Wheats 2.5 hours: deadheading, trimming/pruning, weeding, tidy.

August 1st: Wheats: 1 hour watering, deer spray (with Julia). 

____15.5 hours (20 claimed - 4.5 owed) 

July 29th: 4 hours Wheats: planting of kitchen blank spots. 

July 28th: hrs (9:30-4:30 minus talk time) Surry Gardens, shopping, truk, parking, weeding, planting of plants. 

July 27th: Wheats 2.5 hours

July 25th: 2.5 hours total (10 minutes at IslandScaping, 10 min. at Parsons plus 10 miles gas): weeding daylilies, deadheading, de-stemming daylilies, weeding, watering, deer spray, deer sprinkle, sluggo.

July 23rd: Wheats: 30 minutes watering. 

____17 hours

July 20th: 2 hours Wheats: weeded, watered, deadheaded. 

July 18th: 1.5 hours Wheats: weeded, watered, tidied. 

July 16th: 1.5 hours Wheats: weeded, picked up cedar clippings SG, deadheaded, 

_____42 hours 10 min.  (30 hours paid: 12 hours owed). 

July 15th: 6 hours Wheats; mulched, patio, weeded, watered, cleaned up, daylily deadhead, walkways, deadhead, blueberries (all week).

July 14th: 6 hours Wheats

July 13th: 6 hours Wheats 

July 12th: 6 hours Wheats

July 11th: 7 hours Wheats

July 10th: 6 hours Wheats

July 9th: Blue Hill Apts: 5 hours 10 min. weeding, raking up debris, pruning. 

______28 hours - 16.5 owed = 11.5 payroll hrs.

July 8th: 3.5 hours Wheats: driveway from lambs ear to mid entry, watered, compass patio weeded, weeded.  

July 7th: 3.5 hours Wheats: lawn watering, mulched guest quarter hostas, daylilies, deer spray (heavy because they're munching... and last of it), weeding Secret Garden, weeding by stairs, round turn. dayliliy each day. 

July 6th: 3 hours Wheats: blue geranium area, weeding, pro grow areas that needed it, made little plant bed, 

July 5th: 3 hours Wheats: catmint, deer spray, weeding, catmint cut back.

July 4th: 1 hour Wheats: watering, weeding. 

July 3rd: 1 hour Wheats alyssum (+gas, +$30.30 cash for alyssum or reimbersment check (non-taxed).

July 2nd: 8 hours Wheats: lawn hole fill with soil, grass sow, cover, remove fern roots in circle, phlox weed, weeded and pruned back both sides SG entrance,  (+1 bag of compost $2.60, $4.50 twine, 1/4 bale of straw $2.00). 

July 1st: 5 hours Wheats: lawn weed, catmint cut back, daylily deadheading. 

______Total hours: 17.5 

Gas and 1/2 travel time on days when I could have more since I was told to work less* is requested. 16.5 hours J/work owed.

June 31st: 5 hours Wheats: Daylily bed weeding (right side), moving baby plants to bald spots, weeding SG catmint, walk-around weeding. 

June 30th: 3 hours Wheats: weeding, deadheading daylilies. 

June 29th: 4 hours Wheats: daylily deadhead (all but left side shore), clipping back stinky, deer spray, weeding, clipping back catmint, deadheading potted, roadside, entry daylilies. 

June 28th: 1.5 hours Wheats: weeding, watering. 

June 27th: 2 hours Wheats: Secret Garden cobble weeding, hosta weeding, pruning out dead lavender, weeding lawn in front, driveway one patch, maintained weeds on weeded areas.  

June 26th: 2 hours Wheats weeding, watering.

9 hours owed___

June 24th: 1 1/4 hrAMC website. 

June 23rd: 2.5 hours Wheats: weeding, watering, deadheading. 

June 22nd: 9 hours Julia

June 21st: 5 hours Wheats: 

June 20th: 5 hours Wheats: watering, planting kitchen garden catmint, salvia and yarrow, weeding geranium area, driveway, weeding daylilies kitchen side.

June 19th: 30 min. Islandscaping, 30 min. Salsbury's for grass seed and deer spray + miles. 

June 18th: 5 hours Wheats, kitchen garden left side turnover/soil prep, nastursium and alyssum planting, weeding, driveway weeding, deadheading potted, cutting flowers off alyssum. 

________Total Hours: 19

une 17th: 1.5 hours Wheats watering, watering lawn, weeding, started kitchen garden turnover. 

*June 16th: 3 hours Wheats watering, weeding, trying pump (the outlets in shed and on bar side of house do not work). 

June 15th: 6.5 hours Wheats Hydrangea worms, weeding, watering. 

June 14th: 2 hours Edwards blueberries on upper section, spreading mulch, 2 hours Shleas. 

June 13th: 3 hours Wheats weeding, watering, replacing lost allysum. 

June 12th: 1:20 Wheats weeding, watering, replanting blown or dug (?) alyssum on Hinoki hill. 

June 11th: 1:40 Wheats weeding and watering. ​

_________ Total Hours: 9.5

June 10th: 1.5 hours Wheats (went to water), weeded some blueberries, and thought we need to put perennials under hinoki; and self-water. 

June 9th: 2 hours Wheats watering, weeding. 

June 8th: 3 hours Wheats: round turn and weeding, deer sprayed. 

June 7th: 2.5 hours Wheats: weeding, planted under hinoki. 

June 5th: 30 min Wheats page

_______ Total Hours: 40

June 3rd: 

2 hours Shlaes left side and back side. 

2.5 hours Wheats: watering, removing trash from potting, fertlized, planted alyssum by Hinoki, weeded.  

June 2nd: 

5 hours Wheats, starting hinoki alyssum planting, watered kitchen garden and other areas that were droopy, weeded, weeded driveway, patio, general tidy. 

June 1st: 

30 min. Shlaes

5 hours Wheats, prepping and planting kitchen garden bed with nastursiums, cleaning up hosta bed by guest entrance, potting potted arrangements and front entrance ferns, weeded, watered. 

May 31st: 

1.5 hours Shlayes: leaf cleanup

1 hour Edwards: watering and placing blueberry sod in pathway. 

5 hours Wheats: blue geranium area cleanup, guest quarters path finish, removed buggy hydrangea leaves, weeded/horsetail waterside. 

May 30th: 

7.5 hours Wheats weeding, entry driveway final weed and grass removal and stone dust addition, half of guest quarters path clean up, catmint by kitchen bed clean up. 

May 29th: 

8.5 hours Wheats buying plants, fertilizer and compost, restoring edging in SG, deer spray everything (need more), weeded front entry roadside, miles:


Whoops, I forgot this on the last pay stub!

May 28th: 

1.5 hours email address and website edits while waiting for ticket reply. 

_______Total hours: 23.75

May 27th: 3 hours Edwards weeding driveway, walkways and blueberries (NEED FUNGUS/DISEASE TREATMENT ASAP!)

                    4 hours Wheats: cleaning up garage daylilies and weeding worst area near garage double doors, weeding heads of driveway, weeding along road/near ferns. 

May 25th: 3.5 hours Julia and picking up thatcher. 20 min Edwards watering. 

May 24th: 4 hours Wheats, weeding steps, removing dead, removing dandelions from side of lawn going up, weeded majority of bar garden. 

May 23rd: 5 hours Wheats, weeding irises, weeding driveway, moving pots out, deer spray. 

May 22nd: 1 hour total sorting and uploading Beveridges photos and making AMC ads. 

May 21st: 3 hours Julia and picking up grass seed. 

_______ Total hours: 33

May 19th: 1.5 hours sorting and uploading photos (total over a few days).

May 18th: 3.5 hours Julia

May 17th: 6.5 hours (5) photos and (1.5) brush removal/cleanup in Holden. 

May 16th: 8 hours Wheats: weeded driveway, cutting edge off lawn across from garage, weeded front garden, weeded along road, weeded around house, weeded some of round turn. 

1.5 hours Edwards: weeded back path, weeded behind blues, weeding front by house, cleaning up. 

May 15th: 3 hours Edwards: removing rocks from mulch, weeding blueberries, raking, trimming rest of wooly thyme on upper patio. 

Needed: Blueberries need assesment on wilting/mildew. Mulch and pathway stone. 

AMC Site Templates (purchase domain while logged into Wix. You want to own "WHOIS"/be registered domain owner):

May 14th: 8 hours Wheats: weeding galore, bar side, daylilies, lawns, front garden, removed debris and growth from Secret Garden under tree, used sluggo on giant batch of snails and area, deer sprayed astilbe, cleaned up mulch areas added by fence and gate entrance, edged where crazy, removed grasss overgrowth between some cobbles. 

Need: trim off rightmost branch of Cherry (?) Tree in SG, Sluggo. 

1 hour Edwards: weeding up top and trimming thyme. 

_________Total hours: 24

May 13th: 4 hours Wheats: Deer spray, cleaned up and mulched front left of entrance to road, watered new geraniums, tilled in two bags of peat (one in geranium section one in SG), cleaned up near doorway of guest quarters. There is a metal rod protruding a few inches from the lawn to the right if walking into SG, toe stub-worthy. Need: Pro Grow (or some plant fertlizer), compost, Lambs Ear to replace dead ones in front garden. 

May 11th: 3 hours Julia

5.5 hour Wheats: Horsetail, crabcrass from front gardens, moved pink geraniums from encroaching on lawn to bald spots in same area, moved lambs ear volunteers to bald spots, weeded driveway, cleaned under golden chain tree, buried irrigation hoses. Need irrigation hose staples. 

May 10th: 1 hour Edwards

3.5 hours dropping off town office, Julia 

May 9th: 3 hours Wheats: weeding driveway, lawn, SG. 

May 7th: 6 hours Edwards: cleaning rocks off blues, weeding, debris removal from winter leaves, weeds, etc. by gen. shed, removed rocks by walkway in prep for sod piece. Need: water.

1 hour 90 Clark Point work: cleaning up after tractor, debris removal, digging, watering, raking. 

_________Total hours: 18

May 5th: 

Edwards 1.5 hours moving rocks from mulch

2 hours logo total

May 4th: 6.5 hours Wheats under golden tree to right, moved geraniums from the lawn to the dead geranium area, weeded lawn, evening out mulch, removing from daylily crowns, Need grub control, deer deterrent, weeded driveway and raked debris from tree. 

May 3rd: 2 hours 90 CP removing roots, loading/unloading brush and root balls, digging out stones by hydrant and along road.

May 1st: .5 hour Edwards (getting my tools but raked while there). 

5.5 hours Wheats: finished patio stone dust, weeded kitchen garden, cleaned up guest quarter area, cleaned under golden chain tree. 

_____________Total hours for 23-29th: 29 

April 29th:

2 hours Edwards taking rocks off blueberries, exposing crowns of blueberries, pruning and removing dead blueberry material. 

1 hour website: home page edits, photos/interactives added, how to do a new more helpful contact page?, adding new site "Atlantic Marine Construction", review of all templates possible. 

_____________Total hours for 23-29th: 29 

April 29th:

2 hours Edwards taking rocks off blueberries, exposing crowns of blueberries, pruning and removing dead blueberry material. 

1 hour website: home page edits, photos/interactives added, how to do a new more helpful contact page?, adding new site "Atlantic Marine Construction", review of all templates possible. 


April 28th: 

4 hours Wheats patio and weeding dayliles. 

April 27th: 

4 hours Wheats kitchen area soil removal and plants overgrown on patio removal/move, lichen from patio, weeded kitchen area patio, middle and stone dusted, cleaned up kitchen perennials, weeded, cleaned edging kitchen area. 

April 26th: 

.5 hour Wheats letter base/priorities, website. 

April 25th: 

2 hours Edwards: installed some blueberry sections out back, raked stones out of mulch and off sides, removed stones from blues, leveled basketball driveway area. 

Need: driveway stones, mulch (there is still some left). 

5 hours Wheats, yay! One entire section of blueberries restored/weeded and we do not need to find replacement for!, weeding blueberries, putting stakes in to count missing ones, weeded covered patio and nearby and spread stone dust.

Need: 8 small stakes, 9 large stakes, tree stakes, tree ties, ties for staking, grass seed, straw, irrigation hose staples. Reserve Boston Fern?

April 24th: 5 hours Wheats divided dylilies, removed covers from lights in the front, raked along edges, removed debris from kitchen garden area.

April 23rd: 5.5 hrs Wheats; removing dead spirea in front, moving crowded catmint to blank spots, moving overcrowded/edge altering Lady's Mantle to more complimnetary areas, removing grass roots from daylily bed, dividing daylilies, mulching front right of entrance. 

_________ 35 (-Julia 6 hrs) Total: 29 hrs

April 22nd: 

1.15 hrs SWH tree

1.75 hrs Lukes chipping

April 21st:

1.5 hr Edwards leveling driveway, removing stones from mulch, raking stones out of blueberries. Need: mulch, 1-2 yards of driveway stone for top layer, compost, wheelbarrow. 

12-6  aeration shoes (could have done whole secret garden already!), cleaned lady's mantle, filled deer(?)-made holes in lawn, Lights to be dug deeper?, edging, rearranged overspilling mantles and iris, took mud clay out of edges/prepped for compost and peat arrival, leveled garden/filled holes, uncovered front lights, fine-tuned entry area. 

April 20th: 8 hrs Wheats, removing weird weeds from lawn, upper lawn does NOT need weed control, weeding blueberries, SG till/prep for compost and peat, moving overgrown catmint to holes in SG, moving Lady's Mantle extras to complimentary blank spots, taking the rusted edges of weed barrier off, removing soil when needed for where compost is going to go, daylily assesment (needs peat, compost and fertilizer). Hand mowing suggessted for upper lawn and SG. 

Needed: weed barrier (at least 30 ft. ideally dark plastic), mulch, compost, peat, sluggo, deer deterrant, sprayer. 

April 19th: 6 hrs Julia 

April 18th: 5.5 hrs Julia and putting up ads. (-1 for sandwich trade). Noted to you I am waiting to order compost and mulch until I can be there to receive it. 

April 17: 5 hr Wheats: removing rocks from plow near entry/left side, weeding and removing Irish Moss from plants roots, Secret Garden touch-ups, staking up deterrents for deer, leaf removal, list of what's needed: Deer Stopper, Sluggo, Mosquito Barrier, wire/string for staking plants, tree branch stake (to pull Dogwood Tree branch down), no dogs please or private sign for lawns. 

April 15: 1 hour website, added comments section, explored other apps that may be useful to your site/clients. 

April 14: 4 hours Wheats: Smoothing driveway from plow, removing rocks from gardens, fine tuning front gardens, raking, removal of debris/dead plant material, cleaning of lambs ears to allow spring growth, cleaning of rocks off walkways, leaf and debris removal along driveway, secret garden moss removal/debris removal, called AC Parsons for lawn seed type, called (but could not get through) Eagle Arborculture for compost and mulch, kitchen garden clean up, blueberry moss and weed removal, guest quarters path basic cleanup, cleaning edging up on upper section, cleaning along driveway, entry to garden gate cleaned, swept sidewalk, removal of weird cacti and other weeds from lawn. 

1.5 hour website work: mobile friendly(ier).

April 13: 8.5 hours Wheats

April 12: 4 hour Wheats , 1.5 hours site, new client page idea development 

April 11: 6 hour Wheats 

April 10: 4 hour Wheats

April 8th: 6 hr Wheats: removing stones from lawn, raking, removing stones from front garden, removing dead plant material front garden, smoothing driveway/removing debris, removing leaf litter from under pines entryway and driveway entry, moving damaged screens and a fence top pinnacle to shed, to-do list, various weeding, removing broken limbs.

April 6th: 3.5 hr Julia @$12

March 30: 1.5 hr: website: larger font menu, edits you requested/we didn't get to.

Jan 01, 2020

Add some more info about this item...

To Purchase

Deer Stopper


Mosquito Barrier

wire/string for staking plants

tree branch stake (to pull Dogwood Tree branch down)

"no dogs please" or private sign for lawns. 

Shoe areators

Apr 16, 2023

12:00 PM


AC Parsons dude super helpful! They do thatching and aeration too, can give quote if you want. The grass they most likely used was "supreme grass mix" mostly bluegrass and fescu (sp?). He said they don't carry that mix anymore but Salisburys would have it. Woot! 


Eagles phone is working again but they don't seem to be open today:

Can you set up EBS business account please?



Estimated needs:

8 yards of mulch

2 yards of compost (if $45 or under?)

Sand please?


Get pink stone dust

2 yd 1"(?) stone for driveway thin spots



Peat moss x 8 bales

Reserve Boston Fern



Plan pots for this year 


Grass seed 


On site/proposals for:

Daylily revamp


Cedar holes

Cedar path and grass


Redo of below lawn

Flame driveway and round turn weeds per request for something diff last year

Where birch was...

Secret garden holes 


Purple alyssum 

daylily lift/revamp


Under golden chain tree

Old geranium spot with productive geraniums (order bareroot?)

Ask Lynne: Do you want to strive for garden show? 

May 28, 2023

12:00 PM


Lawn thatching estimate

Lawn irrigation estimate

Blueberry sod proposal estimate 

Send these to Lynne for approval

Please reload

"For sun" planters?

Add echinacea (4 - to kitchen garden and meadow rue (5 - to Secret Garden? All holes filled! 

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