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Date: June 5th

Dear Lynne, 

    How are you? I hope your spring is going superbly!

    We are in the process of cleaning up 5 Smallidge Point and wanted to show you an easy way to keep up to date on what we're doing on your property.  Just use this link anytime you want to see photos, up-coming projects, etc.. These are private pages just for you.

    Please do review the items below at your earliest convenience as we will be working on them unless we hear from you. Feel free to bookmark this page as it will tell you up-to-date information and provide you with the latest photos. 

    Thank you Lynne, have a wonderful evening! 


Island Garden & Tree

207 266 3323

Pending Projects

Hedge trimming

Soil improvement in gardens (adding compost and peat) 

Small drip irrigation set up under Hinoki trees to eliminate hand watering needs. Budget: $55

Blueberry sod to replace 4 x 6' section of blueberry bed. 


Lawn reseed in holes, sod replaced along entry and Secret Garden entry.

Entire lawn thatching.

Entire lawn aeration (Scotts). 

(Most of) lawn fertilization. 

Lawn sod for front right entry. 

Items that will be purchased (unless we hear otherwise).

8 small stakes, 9 large stakes, tree stakes, tree ties, ties for staking, grass seed, straw, irrigation hose staples. Weed barrier (at least 30 ft. ideally dark plastic), mulch, compost, peat, sluggo, deer deterrant, sprayer.

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