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Spring cleanup 

 Leaf removal, cutting back of overgrowth, and deadheading plants are fast ways to improve your outdoor living space. This spring, call us for your yard improvement needs. 

Vista Prunes

Maintain your view or create a new one with our vista pruning and aesthetic pruning services! Or, if you're looking to create a new view, we can generate your own shorleand zoning permit so you can legally and safely have your trees managed to accomplish your ideal perspective. 



Outdoor Maintenance

We offer general outdoor caretaking services to properties in 

Northeast Harbor, Bar Harbor, Somesville and Blue Hill. We offer a daily or weekly check-in to see if your property is safe as well as tree health/safety checks, garden status and all plant-related outdoor maintenence. 

Lot clearing 

It is enjoyable for us to be working in the snow and cold! Don't be afraid to book us during the winter months for services like lot clearing, brush removal, tree work including cabling (if you'd like to save a precarious branch from breaking) or pruning and cutting for winter winds and house safety. 

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