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Call today for our winter upkeep services: including snow removal, dangerous tree and limb removal, pruning, and ice dam removal. 

Landscaping and Maintenance 

Spring is coming soon! Call us to remove your dead plant material, leaves and debris for a cleaner look that discourages pests and molds.


Our year-long services include: all aspects of tree planting, health and removal, general garden maintenance and installation, design, and soil improvement. Special requests are always welcome!  

Arborist Services

Are your trees are coming too close to your residence? If you're worried about home damage from falling limbs, now's the time to clip them back or cable them more securely to the tree. We're eager to help! 

From aesthic pruning, to view maintenance to complete removal of trees including the stumps, we can provide you with good-looking solutions that will improve the health of your trees.  

Call us today! 207-266-3323


If you're looking to improve your outdoor living space with a patio, stonewall, terraced garden, or walkway, we'd love to create the type of hardscape you've been imagining. 

Call or email your project ideas today for a permenant addition to your home by summer! 

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